„Ich bin ein Berliner“

Our most recent racer, the Bellitanner Berlin, makes a feature of stiff low weight construction. Made out of 6061 double butted aluminium, this leightweight fahrvergnuegen doesn’t exceed 8,6 kg. It thereby outweighs the classic fixed-gear bikes on the market. As a sideline we also improved our BT handlaced wheelset regarding weight and longevity. They come with industrial bearing hubs and improved brake contact. The Berlin is complete with our beautiful moustache bar. Available in four sizes and all BT colour combinations.

We have mentioned a couple of key points that shall be explained. For more information about these workshops contact us at info@bellitannerbikes.com


• Double butted Columbus tubing.
• Smooth welded joints for a cleaner finish.
• “Heat treated” process, which is an artificial aging process that increases the stiffness and life span of each frame.
• Painted in Germany and custom paint possible.
• Carbon fork ensures necessary comfort on bad road surfaces.

Carbon Gates

• Low maintenance. No wear or tear.
• Smoother ride.
• No grease or oil needed.

frame size body size
52cm 165 – 170cm
54cm 170-175cm
56cm 175-185cm
58cm 180-190cm
  • Frame
  • Fork
  • Handlebars
  • Stem
  • Seatpost
  • Saddle
  • Bartape
  • Cranks
  • Wheelset
  • Front brake
  • Tyres
  • Drive train
  • Price
  • Dedaccia 7005 Aluminium. Smoothwelded
  • Bellitanner Carbon
  • Bellitanner Retro
  • Bellitanner Patent
  • Bellitanner
  • Brooks B 17
  • Brooks Honey Brown
  • Sturmey Archer
  • BLB H plus son Deep section
  • Shimano Claris
  • Continental Ultra Sport
  • Gates carbon drive
  • Eur 1590,00