Getting you to work.. no sweat!

At Bellitanner we are constantly working on improving your commuting pleasure. The latest collaboration with Zehus has allowed us too produce a stylish, efficient electro bike. The 250 watt motor offers an easy commute for at least 30 – 50km depending on the power output that you choose via the app on your Iphone. The total weight of the “Hamburg” GS does not exceed 14kg, which allows easy portage into your apartment. Eliminating problems of regular E – Bikes that have a weight of 35 kg.
We have given the Zehus Motor severe testing and we are satisfied with the Efficiency. The motor will give you a comfortable ride too work and you won’t have to change your shirt when you get there.

We have mentioned a couple of key points that shall be explained. For more information about these workshops contact us at


• Double butted Columbus tubing.
• Smooth welded joints for a cleaner finish.
• “Heat treated” process, which is an artificial aging process that increases the stiffness and life span of each frame.
• Painted in Germany and custom paint possible.

Carbon Gates

• Low maintenance. No wear or tear.
• Smoother ride.
• No grease or oil needed.


• 250 watts power, Torque 20NM
• Battery Life 1000 cycles.
• 3,5kg
• High regeneration of up to 80%. Adjustable via the Bike+ App
• Secure locking via Bike+ App.
• 4 different modes including Bike+ for hilly terrain.
• Triple embedded sensor that detect slopes and pedaling stroke.
• Range 30 – 50 km

All modes are controlled by a smart phone app. This Bike + App allows you to control the power output and regeneration of the motor. The range and battery can also be controlled via the Bike + app for any smart phone.

  • Frame
  • Fork
  • Motor
  • Saddle
  • Seatpost
  • Vorbau
  • Bars
  • Bremsen
  • Tyres
  • Price
  • Bellitanner Columbus Thron
  • Bellitanner Steel
  • Zehus 250 Watt
  • Brooks Classic
  • Bellitanner Patent
  • Bellitanner Patent
  • Bellitanner Patent
  • Shimano 105
  • Schwalbe Lugano
  • Eur 2490,00